Are you looking for a printer who can print different types of three-dimensional packaging for you quickly and permanently? Think of printing of flasksbottlesglassestubes and many more other packaging where you have to print directly on the material itself.

Duivenvoorden Screen Printing specializes in round printing and now has 30 years’ experience as a successful and environmentally friendly printer of packaging for:

  • Cosmetics

  • Hair products

  • Foodstuffs

  • Medication

  • Petrochemicals

Duivenvoorden Screen Printing was established in 1981 in Noordwijkerhout. It was a one-man business with a semi-automated printer. In 1985, the printer’s moved to Katwijk, where it is still located to this day. Following the move it expanded to include three semi-automated machines.

Today, the printer’s has seven semi-automated machines, four automated machines for round bottles, and two automated machines for oval and flat bottles.

As our name suggests, all our printing is screen printing. The basic technique has stood the test of time, but the machines and environmentally friendly inks have certainly undergone a great deal of development. Looking to print bottles, glasses, flasks or spray cans? Send an e-mail for more information or a quote.


Duivenvoorden Screen Printing in Katwijk aan Zee